Photo Policy

Reid’s Orchard Photo Policy

Photographs are a wonderful way to remember your visit to Reid’s Orchard. We encourage visitors to take casual photographs for their personal use. Professional Photographers and anyone Photographer  who are coming to the orchard for the sole purpose of taking posed photos of people or animals must obtain a permit available at The Apple House. Permit fee is $50.00, payable before the photo session by check or cash only, fee will not be pro-rated (additional Fees may apply see #6).
A permit is necessary for those who wish to use Reid’s Orchard as the background for posed photography. This includes weddings, family, engagement, graduation, prom, senior photos, etc. Photographer doesn’t necessarily mean professional.
Wedding ceremonies, receptions or other special occasions scheduled at Reid’s Orchard are welcome to take their photographs during their rental time at no additional fee.
The following guidelines must be followed when posed photographs are taken.

General Photography Guidelines

Scheduling: Your photography sessions may take place during business hours Monday – Friday.  All after our hours photography sessions will be an additional cost by emailing  Please call 270-685-2444 if unsure of business hours as they change from time to time. You MUST email to schedule a session on Saturday or Sunday. This is to avoid conflict with previously scheduled weddings, receptions, etc.

  1. Photographers must text Valerie 270-316-2772 when arriving and leaving the orchard. Photographers must meet their clients at The Apple House and proceed to their site as a group.
  2. All parties involved in the photo shoot must park across the street from the store. If taking pictures on the avenue always pull cars all the way off the road and on the right hand side.
  3. Entry to the barns is prohibited, all parties must stay out of all barns, DO NOT remove items from barn and DO NOT climb trees.
  4. All photography must be Family Friendly! No suggestive photos are allowed on Reid Orchard property.
  5. You may be asked at any time to move to a different location at Reid’s Orchard if it will interfere with our daily work. Examples: spraying, planting or any other daily work
  6. If photographers schedule mini-sessions* at Reid’s Orchard an additional fee of $10.00 an hour with a maximum of $100 per a day will be applied.
  7. Note: Other photographers may also be on the property during your sessions. Please be courteous of their photo sessions.
  8. Wedding Parties coming to Reid’s Orchard will be charged a fee of $100. (This excludes weddings booked at Reid’s Orchard)

Reid’s Orchard reserves the right to ask anyone at any time to leave if these Guidelines are not followed and your permit rights could be taken away.

*Mini-sessions – a studio or individual announces(publicly or to preferred clients) that they will be available to photograph families, individuals, students, animals etc. on a specific date and time at Reid’s Orchard

Email for a copy of the policy.